Project Description

TAFE Western

Visual Identity redesign

With 25 campuses across Western NSW, TAFE Western play an integral part in the education of people of all ages and from all backgrounds across NSW. Metro Graphics worked with TAFE Western to develop new branding system that would be applied to all communication and promotional materials.

TAFE Western wanted their visual identity to reflect their forward-thinking nature, their ability to change the direction of people’s lives and the high quality, relevant education and training that they provide. We came up with framework that features strong, graphic arrow devices and built on our existing colour palette to produce a flexible system that could be used in many different applications. This, teamed with approachable, modern typography and relevant aspirational imagery creates a recognisable visual identity that reflects the values of TAFE Western and it’s students.

Due to the diverse nature of the TAFE Western audience, we created variations on the core brand to appeal to particular sub-audiences. These included a youthful style for school aged students and a corporate style for business to business communications. A sub-brand for Aboriginal Australians was also developed acknowledging the high number of Aboriginal Australians within the student population and the important part TAFE Western plays in these communities.